I’m now retired and have move to Olympia, Washington to be closer to family and to myself. You can still contact me via I describe briefly below each of the major headings above, all drop-down menus which compile my creative and critical work, available in multiple formats here for free and at cost in online stores.


You can access from the drop-down menu above three new (all written in September, 2016) collections of poems (Li Po-ems, Harvest Moon, and In the Dark) as well as many of the poems I wrote 1975-95. I include full, printable PDFs and sound files of my readings of each collection on their respective pages.

Today (9/8/17) I just added a few new poems, the last item in the menu, wondering where they might be going, along with me.

Books: Personal Essays

Last Spring is a short monograph of essays I wrote in the “spring” term of 2018, my final semester teaching before retirement. It serves as a kind of “bookend” for the processes of growth and grief I initiated with This Fall. I include a PDF of the full series, downloadable and printable, if you prefer to read from hard copy, as well as an audiobook of my reading of the essays.

This Fall is the collection of essays I wrote in the fall of 2105, over about month’s time, after my daily walks in Boyce Park during the autumn leaf fall. I include a PDF of the full series, downloadable and printable, if you prefer to read from hard copy. There is also an audio book of my readings of the essays,

My essay “Coming to Terms,” the first piece under “Essays,” which pertains to my wife’s sudden and unexpected passing in February, 2015, may be useful contextually in understanding the significance of these walks.

Essays and Talks

“Coming To Terms” pertains to my wife’s sudden passing in February, 2015. It provides some context for the “Songs” page and lays the foundation for This Fall, the book of my essays.

I also offer both a sound file and a PDF of the talk I gave at the 2016 Composition Program Awards event in April 2016, titled “All the Time in the World.”

And I added a page that archives some of the major scholarly articles I published in the 1980s and 1990s, most of which are difficult or impossible to track in the marketplace.


I started singing about 5 years ago for reasons I explain under Songs above. I’ve now uploaded many, many songs that range all over historically (from Stephen Foster to Herman’s Hermits) and generically (Big Band, rock and roll, R&B, show tunes, blues, country.) They’re sorted by whatever category happens to catch my whim. You can pick the ones you’d like to sample by title or type.

Then, about 2 years ago, I started writing songs of my own, kind of out of the blue, and it’s a process I really enjoy and think I’m getting better at. I have 3 albums now, two here and the third just uploaded to BandCamp (, my first foray into the public marketplace, all free, of course.