My whole “career “as a poet, such as it is, has been a series of discontinuities, starts and stops, sometimes long ones, dramatic changes in style and substance. I have no idea why. It all seems out of my hands for the most part. I quit “submitting” (what a terrible fate for a poem) poems for publication about 25 years ago, a combination of irritation with and loss of interest in that process. I write what comes to me and stop when it stops. It’s all here for free.

 I open with my current and ongoing book of the “tiny” poems I’ve been writing since I got to Olympia, a new voice and style for me, under the title “slights: my new tiny poems from here not there.”  I just keep adding to it as I write more, most recently updated in June, 2020, a new section started called “tiny poems grow the fuck up.”

      Then, the three collections of poems (Li Po-ems, Harvest Moon, and In the Dark) I wrote in a grief-fueled frenzy during September, 2016, after a 20 year hiatus, strangely beautiful poems, I think.


  There are also two compilations of some of the many poems I wrote between 1975-95, Mornings After and Beginning Was, as well as a  few miscellaneous poems I wrote in 2017-18.


For each book there is a PDF and, for all but slights, sound files of my readings of the poems in their respective collections. All the books are available in paperback form, at cost, on Amazon.com. You can access the titles via my Amazon author’s page link, above.In the Dark and Harvest Moon are also available in audiobook form on Audible.com.