Books of Prose

Personal Essays

All of these books are also available in paperback form, at cost, on You can access the titles via my Amazon author’s page link, above. This Fall is also available as an audiobook, at cost, on

A Mind of Winter: Essays on the Imagination combines personal essays based on my walks in the woods around Olympia, Washington, with essays on a variety of philosophers and poets theorizing on the imagination. These essays were written late-winter/early-spring 2019.

First, Summer is my first Olympia-based book, the essays founded, as usual, on my woods-walks, this time in the majestic forests nearby my house. I wrote most of the essays during September of 2018, a few months after I moved here. I include a PDF and audio book of the series.

This Fall is the collection of essays I wrote in the fall of 2105, over about month’s time, after my daily walks in Boyce Park, a few miles outside of Pittsburgh, during the autumn leaf fall, in the shadow of my wife’s sudden passing the previous winter. I include a PDF of the full series, as well as an audio book of my readings of the essays.

Last Spring is a monograph of essays I wrote in the “spring” term of 2018, my final semester teaching before retirement. It serves as the darker “bookend” for the processes of growth and grief I initiated with This Fall. I include a PDF of the full series, as well as an audiobook of my reading of the essays.

Scholarly Books

I published two scholarly books during my career as an English professor, both still under copyright to the original publisher, so I can’t upload them here directly. My first book, though, Writing/Teaching, which won the CCC Outstanding Book Award the year it came out, is now available in full-text, from the publisher, in the public domain. My second book, Re-reading Poets, documents my life-long love of poetry via the many specific poets who have made my life deeper and more livable. I provide more information about these under the “Scholarly Books” drop-down, above.