What’s New

New Books of Poems and Essays

slights: my new tiny poems from here not there (2020) is my latest collection of poems, all written since I moved to Olympia, a different style and form than I was writing in Pittsburgh, short lines, crisp images, sound-based. I add new poems as I write them. I recently (4/5/20) added a new unit of “shelter in place” tiny poems, which I’ll keep extending until all of this passes. The most recent update was 6/2/20, some additional “shelter in place poems,” and a couple of poems in a new section called “tiny poems grow the fuck up.” (Under Poetry Books.)

Poem and slideshow in response to George Floyd’s murder

I made this poem/slideshow in the immediate, grief-riven aftermath of the horrifying murder of George Floyd, another in a seemingly endless series of horrifying murders of exactly this kind.


Harvest: Essays on Time from Olympia (2019) my latest collection of essays, explores the mysterious  contours of temporality in the human condition. Founded on my daily woods-walks and drawing material from a variety of poets and theoretical physicists I was reading at the time, I offer, among many other things, a new way of thinking about the relationship between future and past as they intersect right now. (Under Books: Personal Essays.)

Spring Forward: More Essays from Olympia (2019) and The Imagination: A Tour of Western Poetics in a Series of Brief Sketches (2019) separate out the two “halves” of A Mind of Winter (2019), the personal walk-based essays now in Spring Forward, the theoretical essays on famous poets and philosophers now in The Imagination. (Under Books: Personal Essays.)

Original Music Album

A new  album (with songs I wrote in April 2020) called “Self-isolation: songs measured in COVID-19 time,” with a few COVID-19 anthems and several personal songs about being alone. (Songs: first playlist or http://paulkameen.bandcamp.com)

Neighborhood walks in Olympia slideshows

While the woods were closed here I walked around my neighborhood, equally amazing to me, taking photos, which I’ve assembled into almost-daily sideshows with soundtracks that seemed to fit the mood of the day, some with classic songs I’m covering, some with songs I wrote. Below is a link to the Youtube folder containing all the walks. Each was accompanied by a brief note when I initially sent it out to family and friends, mostly explaining my soundtrack choice. These are included with the slideshows:


5/26: I just created “Page” for these, one of the drop-down menus above,  if access is easier for you there. I also just created an album of all the songs that serve as soundtracks for these slideshows. It’s on my “Songs” page, second item. Nice songs, some original, most covers of great songs.

Newest Cover Albums

Most recently, “That Old Black Magic”  (spring 2020), super-sweet songs, mostly from the 30s and 40s, my favorite songs to sing;  a Buddy Holly tribute album (fall 2019), one of my favorite all-time voices; a “radio music” album of mostly 1920’s classics, “My Blue Heaven” (winter 2020) (All under Songs, first few playlists.)

Other news:

I’ve revamped and updated all of my older (pre-Harvest) paperback books on Amazon: new font, spacing, titles for all the essays, etc. They look better. You can check them out via the Amazon Author’s Page dropdown menu above.

Finally, I was recently invited to share my “music story” on the mysoundposter web site. Here is the link: https://mysoundposter.blog/singing-to-survive-paul-kameen/