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New Youtube Feature

Today (2/14/21) I launched a new feature on my YouTube channel, “fireside mini-readings,” which is basically just me sitting in front of my fireplace reading poetry for a few minutes. I’m starting with poems I’m writing right now, all from my ongoing book slights: my new tiny poems from here not there. I’ll do one of these a week for a while, until it feels like it has “run its course.”

I added a drop-down menu above,  under Poetry Books, to house all of this going forward. Here is a quick-link to that playlist, most recent video first. You can open the full current playlist with the icon on the top right of the image:

New Books of Essays and Poems

Living Hidden (Fall 2020), my most recent book of essays exploring my ongoing process of self-change, of the sort we all engage in at one time or another in our lives, either needing or wanting to become “someone other that ourselves,” an ambition that seems impossibly self-contradictory; yet it happens over and over in the human universe, making it possible both for individuals and societies to improve themselves over time, instead of remaining captive to attitudes, values and behaviors that are no longer productive, are even dysfunctional. It is a story that celebrates the hopefulness that such transformations both depend on and inspire. (Under Books: Personal Essays, most recent update is February 1, 2021)

slights: my new tiny poems from here not there (2020) is my latest collection of poems, all written since I moved to Olympia, a different style and form than I was writing in Pittsburgh, short lines, crisp images, sound-based. I add new poems as I write them.  The most recent update was March 2021. (Under Poetry Books.)

Harvest: Essays on Time from Olympia (Fall 2019) explores the mysterious  contours of temporality in the human condition. Founded on my daily woods-walks and drawing material from a variety of poets and theoretical physicists I was reading at the time, I offer, among many other things, a new way of thinking about the relationship between future and past as they intersect right now. (Under Books: Personal Essays.)

(all books available here for free in PDF form or at cost via Amazon.com)

Original Music Album

A new  album (with songs I wrote in April 2020) called “Self-isolation: songs measured in COVID-19 time,” with a few COVID-19 anthems and several personal songs about being alone. (Songs: second item, or http://paulkameen.bandcamp.com)


Newest Cover Albums

 “Little Bits of Love” (Fall 2020) is a playlist I created, day by day, in advance of the election last November, to promote calm in my own mind and for my family and friends. “Tangled Up With You”  (winter 2021) is an album of songs on the softer side, from the 20s through the 60s, my favorite kind of songs to sing.  (All under Songs, first few playlists.)


Neighborhood walks in Olympia slideshows

The most recent addition to this YouTube series is a group of songs I made just in advance of the election, covers from more recent artists, with photos I took in my Olympia neighborhood, a stress reducer I shared with family and friends.  I also have a much more extended list of YouTubes that feature my neighborhood more specifically. The link to the YouTubes is: