General Information

Everything I’ve written or made in the aftermath of my wife’s sudden passing in 2015 is here, in multiple formats, for free, accessible via the drop-down menus above. Status, fame, and especially money–those fruits of external validation and public recognition–all appeared irrelevant, impertinent really, from the shadow of that loss. So “free” was important to me. And time felt most pressing: I wanted my work out there RIGHT NOW.  This website is the way I accomplished all that: free, here, right now.  I also self-create paperback versions of all my books using the tools available online, where I sell them at cost (except for my two scholarly books, which are owned and priced by their publisher.) I’m now retired (I was an English professor at the University of Pittsburgh for the last 37 years of my 40+ year career; here is a link to a thumbnail CV of my academic credentials: KameenshortCVPDF ), and I live in Olympia, Washington.  I describe briefly below each of the major headings in the top banner. You can contact me at