Author’s Page


Five years ago, after I started to write all of these personal books, I wanted find a way to reach toward a wider audience without losing control of content, copyright and cost. And I wanted results fast, at my speed, really fast. The traditional publishing marketplace is definitely not that! “And then I saw it,” as Mike Nelson used to say all the time on Sea Hunt.  I founded a publishing company, bought my own ISBN numbers, and then DIYed very nice print versions of This Fall; Last Spring; FirstSummer; A Mind of Winter (including its component parts now published separately as The Imagination and Spring Forward); and Harvest (all collections of personal essays); and slights: my new tiny poems from here not there; Li Po-ems; Harvest Moon; and In the Dark (all poetry). I also published two re-mixes gathering many of the poems I wrote earlier in my career: Mornings . . . After and Beginning WasAll are available now for free here and at cost in paperback format

Click the link below to open my author’s page, if only to check out the amazing book covers, most courtesy of my son’s and daughter’s art work.  If you sample some of it, I hope you enjoy it.