This Fall

I wrote these essays day by day after my daily walks in Boyce Park during the autumn leaf-fall in 2015. My wife Carol and I walked these woods daily for about 15 years– a total of well over 15,000 miles in this intimate natural space, I recently calculated–before her sudden death the previous February, and I continued walking there alone after she passed. So what I see and write about here is inflected by that loss, by the spectacle of fall I am witnessing as I walk, and by whatever I happen to be teaching and reading at the moment, all in my head at the same time. I wrote each essay right after I got back home, before I headed off the work, so they have a serendipitous aspect to them, as surprising to me sometimes as I hope they might be to you. A paperback (bound, nice cover) version of the book is available (at the cost of printing it) on


Here is a PDF of the series:

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