Writing/Teaching: Essays Toward a Rhetoric of Pedagogy



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“Written from the position of the reader-as-teacher, this important book offers profoundly interactive reflections on the text of the classroom and the text of Plato’s dialogues. Reading through the everyday desires of the students and teachers in a course on race and gender, and daring to read Plato’s students and teachers as interlocutors in current debates, Kameen dramatizes his argument for teacherly research and the consequential knowledge it produces. The surprise and beauty of the book is its re-visioning of both the rhetorical tradition and current claims for personal writing in the academy.”

Ellen Quandahl, San Diego State University



“I found Writing/Teaching to be not only smart, wide-ranging and deftly probing but often—and I admit to having been surprised by this—quite moving. Kameen’s book is a wonderfully discerning meditation on the question all of  us, as English teachers, need to ask about our classroom presence every term: What am I doing here? A terrific read.”

Steve North, University of Albany

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